About FangPal

FangPal is the world's 1st property investment assistant using big data.


The birth of FangPal was incidental yet almost inevitable: our core team members have been together for years creating some awesome products. The crew has experienced international property marketers, product lead who thoroughly understands the minds of property investors, technical specialists with both great talents and diligence, incredible designer with a taste that combines both art and market intelligence... together in the past we established B2B and B2C platforms in the niche of international property market, and it was through an accident that we discovered the burning need of a proper investment & analysis tool for global investors. After more than 2,700 hours of brain storming, planning and interactions with potential users, governing bodies, industry associations and industry experts, FangPal became a reality.


Before FangPal was born, in countries like U.S., Australia and U.K., when property investors analysed the ROI (return on investment) of a property, they needed a stack of paper, a paper, a calculator (or a phone with calculator app), and perhaps embedded calculators from various websites. That’s generally a 10-minute to 30-minute exercise, sometimes even longer, crunching through the numbers and variables.


Now, FangPal covers it all. It’s a complete, convenient, one-stop tool for investment analysis. It can even solve almost all problems for investors within 20 seconds.


Of course, that means FangPal is more than just an investment calculator - as you tap on your country of residency, the state that the property is in, the property price etc, Fangpal will generate an accurate investment analysis report for you with estimated prediction of how the property will perform in your selected time frame of investment. At this stage we have incorporated data based on Australian real estate, and soon will be incorporating that of U.S., Canada, U.K., New Zealand and more countries.

Despite receiving more than 10,000 downloads from users within a short period of time, we are far from achieving what we envision to deliver to the world - “solving problems for international property investors” is what we strive for. That’s our passion and pride.


Regardless which country or what functionalities, our vision doesn’t change - “become smart investors’ assistant” - empowering investors to make the right judgement based on the fastest speed, highest efficiency and the most accurate data.

  1. - How much stamp duty is there for a $1M property in Melbourne?
  2. - What's the FIRB fee for a non-resident paying $2.5M for a property?
  3. - If I hold an investment property in Brisbane for 5 years, how much land tax do I pay?
  4. - Does my $750/wk rent cover the interest payment for my Sydney apartment?
  5. - For a $900k residential block in TAS held for 3 years, how much cash can I get after refinancing?
  6. ......


With FangPal, property analysis is made easy.

We welcome all feedback from users and investors. Together we can create a positive difference.